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Secure your digital life with this customer-centric app

Clario is a security and privacy software that conveniently bands all of your digital security tools together in one place. Developed by Clario Tech Limited, this handy application is an all-in-one antivirus, VPN, data breach monitor, and ad blocker. It also features dedicated technical specialists, allowing you to quickly address security issues without the hassle of an automated customer support reply just redirecting you to someone else.

You just need one

There are various types of online security programs available. They differ in functionality and intended platforms, of course, but their core purpose is to keep your data safe—whether this is through relentless anti-malware scans or the internet anonymity a VPN provides. Whichever the case, though, not all security apps contain all of these features, and those that do tend to focus on the more prominent tools available. Thus, you’ll often end up using a variety of different programs to cover all your bases. 

With Clario, however, you can simply open one interface and find all the necessary tools in there. This software aims to make things easier for you in accessing the security features you need. You also don’t need to continuously sign in if your setup is like this. Available on Mac, Android, and iOS, this easy-to-use interface is highly intuitive as you can simply switch to different aspects of your security and quickly assess your current status. Plus, you can easily reach out to tech support within the app.

This versatile security program offers 3 main features for any type of user: all-round protection, on-demand security experts, and personalized recommendations to shape the app’s service to your needs. This software means to cover everything you’ll need to keep yourself secure—able to defend against malware, ID theft, money loss, unsecured Wi-Fi connections, and more. The program also has integrated 24/7 expert assistance, with live chat at the ready. Lastly, the tools’ behaviors can be molded to your security concerns and offer you personalization options.

Leave no stone unturned

Clario focuses on 6 key areas: identity protection, safe private browsing, device security, safer money transactions, network security, and file protection. You can find these as the 6 buttons available on your Personal Security Dashboard. Identity is charged with keeping your passwords and online accounts safe from data breaches. Browsing activates the instant ad blocker and tracker blocker, and bypasses location restrictions—although ad blocking isn’t available for the Android app. Meanwhile, the Device tab ensures real-time protection against malware and any attempts to hack your webcam and mic. 

The Money tab is for your bank accounts, allowing you to safely shop online and keep your payment data private. For online safety concerning public Wi-Fis and home connections, you refer to the Network tab. Files, on the other hand, is in charge of keeping your local and cloud files malware-free. Aside from these, you can contact the digital experts of the tech support either through live-chatting, calling, or remote connection. Simply type into the “How can we help?” search box to start a live chat session.

Another great thing about Clario is that a single subscription for it already covers both your Mac and mobile devices—for up to 3 devices. It even offers browser extensions for added protection. There’s a free 7-day trial and the paid version has two plans available: for 1 month and for 12 months. You’ll need to sign up for an account first, however, so you’re included in the user database for the customer support’s reference. If you’re unsatisfied in any way, the app at least offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Doesn’t have to be confusing

Overall, Clario is definitely geared to be user-friendly, especially to people who aren’t tech-savvy. The jargon used in this program isn’t complicated and accessing the different tools focuses more on the issues found and the benefits of turning these features on. Essentially, it doesn’t have to get complicated unless you want to delve into the advanced settings. The emphasis on human interaction for technical support is also reassuring to have in such an app.

One smart protection app to secure your digital life across Mac, mobile and web

All-in-one digital protection app with integrated 24/7 expert assistance

Until now, your digital security has been confusing. Clario makes it simple.
Instead of signing up for multiple security apps, Clario simplifies your digital security through one easy-to-use interface. It combines a VPN, real-time data breach monitoring, ad blocking, anti-malware, and browsing protection - all in one place. You get leading security technologies plus a team of over 600 security experts whenever you need so you stay protected against any threats wherever you are.

With cybercrime skyrocketing, an antivirus alone just doesn’t cut it anymore. New forms of malware for Mac are appearing every day. 1 in 3 American homes are infected with malicious software and 1 in 2 American adults has had their personal data exposed  (according to BSA and Homeland Security).  Clario covers you across key aspects of your digital life through one simple subscription and one smart digital security app - now at a limited, exclusive price.

What does Clario include?

Clario safeguards everything from your online identity to financial transactions, your network to browsing, your devices to data privacy - all through one, easy-to-use app.

Clario’s Personal Security Dashboard gives you control over the 6 key areas of your connected life:

• Identity Protection - keeping your passwords and online accounts secure from data breaches.

• Safe Browsing - secure, private, ad-free browsing to access your favorite content.

• Device security - ensuring your system stays secure against malware in real-time.

• Safer Money - protecting your payment data against hacking and malware.

• Secure networks - ensuring safe and private connections on any network through a VPN.

• File Protection - safeguarding your data across your local and cloud-based storage.

Underneath Clario’s intuitive, jargon-free interface, we use the latest, cutting-edge security technology:
• Real-time, robust Antivirus against viruses, adware, spyware, and more

• A leading VPN with unlimited traffic encryption across mobile and desktop

• 24/7 Data Breach Monitoring and instant alerts if your data appears on the dark web

• Real-time Safe Browsing: blocks malicious sites including malware, phishing websites, viruses, fraud and much more

• Real-time Safe Search: showing you the ‘safe site’ statuses while you browse
• Instant Adblocking: stops annoying ads so you have a smoother online experience ( Ad blocking not available in Clario Android app)
• Fast Anti-tracking: stops web trackers and helps you to load webpages faster
• An integrated 24/7 service from security experts - from stopping your smart speakers listening to you, to solving data breach issues, you can reach out to us any time

With Clario you get more than features:

• Comprehensive protection for 3 devices

• Mobile digital security apps for iOS and Android included

• One easy-to-use account to manage everything

• Unlimited access to security experts 24/7
• Personal Security Dashboard to control

• Smart online extension for Chrome and Safari

• Leading technologies simplified in one app
• Personalized recommendations to go that one step extra
 • Personal security stats on a daily basis

• 30-day money-back guarantee

Clario makes online protection simple, securing your digital life through one simple subscription and one smart app.

Integrated Security Expert Assistance on-demand 24/7
As new digital threats emerge, your team of security experts is here to support you through any eventuality through live chats, on a call, or via remote connection.

Ready to help you with simple or complex security and privacy issues like:

• Emergency assistance if you get hacked or your data gets breached

• Helping fix any complex malware and malicious software problems

• Protecting and preventing data loss

• Guiding you through enhanced security settings to keep you protected

• Securing your home network to help you stay private and much more

No chatbots, no redirects to help forums, just real humans giving you real help every time.

Clario is a personalized solution tailored to your specific protection needs.

We offer security and privacy recommendations based on your concerns so you can be secure and private in the ways that best suit you.

Ready for a better digital life? Try Clario now.

System requirements
 • macOS version 10.12+ (Approximately 200MB of available disk space + 600MB for antivirus files) 
• iOS 11+

• Android 7.0+

• Browser extension:
 Chrome 66+ and Safari 10+


  • All-in-one package in an easy-to-use interface
  • 24/7 live chat tech support
  • A single subscription covers up to 3 devices
  • Personalized recommendations for your setup


  • Not all features listed are available across all platforms


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Clario 1.0.3 for Mac


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